Rostislav Kostin




Player Age

23 Years


Launch Options

					Aspect Ratio: 4:3
FOV: 83
Refresh Rate: 240Hz
Resolution: 2560x1440
Sens + ADS Mouse Sensitivity:
800 dpi, 8x8, 1x 24 1,5x 36


Heyyy, I am Rostislav ak, Doc, MUDr, Killer, Rusty etc. I play flex for BLUEYJAYS. I am 23 yo boomer that loves gaming and I study medicine for the 3rd year. I was born in Ukraine and when I was 2 we have moved to Czech Republic. I get to know gaming already when I was a kid in the legendary game Prince of Persia, but the real grind started, when Battlefield 4 was realest, I saved money to my first PC and since then I was in the FPS games-BF4, CSGO, PUBG and in the year 2020 I moved to R6 that I am grinding right now



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