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1. Event sponsor
This contest is being organized by Listan GmbH (Wilhelm-Bergner-Str. 11C, 21509 Glinde, Germany.) & BLUEJAYS Sports (Gesagervej 64, Denmark)

2. Eligibility requirements
All visitors of the BLUEJAYS Sports website who are at least 18 years of age at the time of participation are eligible to enter.

Employees of Listan GmbH & BLUEJAYS Sports or their dependants are not permitted to participate.

3. Participation
Participation in the contest is expedited via the BLUEJAYS Sports website

The terms of participation stipulate that entrants enter their own names and own email addresses, confirm the terms for participation and submit the Sports participation form by clicking on the “send” button. Entrants themselves are responsible for the correctness of their personal information, in particular their email addresses. Entrants who fail to submit valid contact information will be disqualified from the draw.

Furthermore, it is only permitted to take part once in the raffle.

No commitment, purchase or assent to receive marketing materials is necessary to take part in the contest.

By participating in this promotion, the entrant agrees to the contest’s official rules and the conditions of participation.

4. Contest period
The contest will run from August 24 to August 28, 2022. The contest ends on August 28 , 2022 at 23:59 GMT +2.
Winner’s announcement: by September 15, 2022.

5. Prize award process
All participants who correctly follow the instructions for participating in the raffles within the raffle periods of campaign will qualify for the prize draw. The participation form must be received by the stated deadline and receipt of the email will be electronically documented to facilitate confirmation that the deadline has been complied with. The winners will be chosen randomly by BLUEJAYS Sports. The prize award process will be conducted within six working days after conclusion of the entrance deadline.

6. Notification of winners
Winners will be contacted via e-mail to the stated email address and also mentioned on the be quiet! official website. From the time that notification is sent via mail, the winners will have two weeks to submit their postal address and phone number to BLUEJAYS Sports for delivery of the prizes. If this information is not provided in a timely manner they will forfeit their prize. Prizes will also be forfeit if it is not possible to deliver them for reasons related exclusively to the person or behavior of the winner.

7. Prizes

1 x be quiet!
1 x be quiet!
1 x be quiet!

8. Publication
Winners declare their express consent that BLUEJAYS Sports may list the winners of the contest on website, including their first and last names.

9. Handling of personal data
As part of the contest, personal data of the entrants will be collected according to paragraph 3 (first and last names, IP-address, birth date, email addresses of all entrants and the winners’ postal addresses). The data will be processed exclusively for purposes of the competition and deleted after the end of the competition, provided no statutory storage requirements apply.

Entrants have the opportunity at any time to have their personal data blocked or deleted. The data will be deleted, provided no statutory storage requirements apply.

If an entrant wishes to have his or her personal data blocked or deleted, then this prohibits their further participation in the contest.

Furthermore, our privacy policy applies, which you can find here (BLUEJAYS Sports).

10. Rules of conduct
BLUEJAYS Sports reserves the right to exclude any entrants from the promotion who are found to be manipulating or attempting to manipulate the entry procedure or the draw and/or behaving in violation of the terms and conditions of the game.

11. Escape clause
BLUEJAYS Sports reserves the right to cancel or prematurely end the contest or the raffle where necessitated due to unforeseen circumstances without giving prior notice or reasons for doing so. This applies in particular where the promotion cannot be conducted as planned, such as due to faults in the software or hardware, and/or due to other technical and/or legal causes that impact on the regular and orderly execution of the promotion.

12. Responsible agent
All questions, comments and complaints about the contest are to be directed exclusively to BLUEJAYS Sports.

13. Legal recourse
The court’s decision is final.

14. Jurisdiction
This promotion is exclusively subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

BLUEJAYS Sports will, upon delivery of the prizes, be released from all obligations arising from the contest as far as no earlier point in time ensues from the terms of participation.

BLUEJAYS Sports shall not be liable for material and/or legal defects in the prizes.

BLUEJAYS Sports may change the terms of participation at any time with timely notice to the participant via email.

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