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This question is easy to answer. Behind Silence is an American student with the name "Michael Fallin". Michael is 23 years old, born and raised in New York City, and is studying physics at NYU (New York University) on a scholarship for his master's degree. Michael´s parents are immigrants and were born in South Africa. His father works at the Port of New Jersey as a container packer. His mother is a nurse at NYU Medical Center. His biggest fan is his 17-year-old sister Tami. Among his hobbies, besides sports, gaming is one of his greatest passions. Michael plays all kinds of games but especially enjoys CounterStrike.

Story Chapter 01 - (click the image to enlarge)

Story Chapter 01:


"How it all began!" - Michael came home late after a long day of lectures. He made himself a snack and made himself comfortable in front of his PC. First, he checked in on his favorite streamers - PLATTFORM_TV. Afterward, he started Teamspeak and arranged a gaming session with his bois. It didn't take long and Michael was in his element, with full focus. Outside, a storm was slowly building up. Michael had been told about it by his best friend Lena earlier in the dining hall. She told him he should rather stay home today and not go running. It was late at night when the storm reached its peak. The thunder became louder, the lightning flashed through the clouds and split the sky, the intervals from one lightning to another became shorter. There was a loud "BANG" lightning struck the campus building. The force was so strong that it knocked Michael off his chair. It was dark...even black... Michael slowly came back to conscience. He felt different, different but good. Visibly irritated he stood up and went to the mirror. There he saw himself. But he was no longer the tall, thin young man. Michael looked different, more muscular, stronger, broader...he felt great. Michael saw that he was wearing a suit, this suit felt great. But something happened, Michael felt a tension on his back. The pressure became painful, causing Michael to sink down in pain. He cried out and as he did so, two large and beautiful wings sprang up. After Michael had regained his composure to some extent, he looked out his room window. He saw bright lights in the sky...the lights shone down on the ground, you could see something moving in the lights... "This can't be good", Michael thought to himself. When Michael became aware of this, he immediately thought of his great love "SEMA". SEMA shared the same passion as Michael for sports and gaming. However, SEMA was very popular and many young men from campus looked after her. Despite sharing the same hobby, Michael never dared to approach SEMA, but he sensed he had to find her. She was in trouble, he knew it. So Michael spread his wings for the very first time and flew off. To find SEMA...


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